The Little Band That Could

What started out as a fun idea of forming a band in 2019 snowballed into something bigger with four 10 year old neighbourhood kids eventually making a public performance at the Bangalore International Centre as Stage Fright in 2021.

Comprising of Deeksha (vocals), Zahra (guitar, vocals), Skanda (vocals, ukelele, keyboards), Neel (drums), supported by Upesh (guitar, harmonica) and managed by Angie, Stage Fright primarily covered classic rock songs and brought in a fresh twist to them all.

A year after their debut concert in 2019, the 10 year old members of Stage Fright and their parents came together to reminisce on their ground breaking performance in which they went from being novices to actually performing in front of a live audience for the first time, and we created a special video to document this landmark event.